About the foundation

Brandförsäkringsverket's foundation for research into building history, was formed in 2008, when the Brandförsäkringsverket insurance company wound up its activities after 227 years by going into voluntary liquidation. The company was founded by King Gustav III in 1782 to improve fire insurance protection in Sweden. The business concept was to provide perpetual insurance against fire.

Over 227 years, Brandförsäkringsverket assembled one of Sweden's finest archives of insured properties. Mills, estates, farms, churches and industrial facilities, as well as many other objects, are described in detail and even illustrated in some instances. Over 400 metres of Swedish building history is shelved in this well-organised archive.

Brandförsäkringsverket's clients, including Sweden's Chambers of Commerce, the Church of Sweden's Church Board, the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), decided, in connection with the liquidation, to set aside the start-up capital for a foundation. This capital will be used to maintain and provide access to the archive and to keep the memory of Brandförsäkringsverket alive, as well as to support research and publication within the extensive field of building history. The foundation will issue invitations for the first research applications in 2014.

The foundation has four objectives:

  • to manage Brandförsäkringsverket's historical assets and to illustrate its activities since 1782
  • to make Brandförsäkringsverket's archive available for research
  • to support people, organisations, universities, colleges and other educational institutions that are actively involved in research and development within the scope of the foundation's objectives through grants and scholarships
  • to distribute information on the results from research that received financial support

For more information, please contact:

Brandförsäkringsverkets stiftelse för bebyggelsehistorisk forskning
c/o Parigma Invest AB
Box 47063
SE-100 74 Stockholm

Telephone: +46 (0)8-21 13 60 (answer machine)

E-mail: stiftelsen@brandverket.se